Mile is a big picture person – weighing up the risks and rewards on taxation matters to ensure that any business decision made will protect his clients first and foremost.

As an active and leading taxation advisor with over two decades of experience, Mile loves to tackle challenges, always aiming to find the winwin solution. He understands that being smart with business and protection mechanisms, in conjunction with making business work effectively, can help protect and grow wealth for individuals and families.

Having built strong friendships with many of his clients and industry leaders, Mile has made himself an integral part of their team. Understanding their personal drivers and goals enables Mile to consult with a deep insight and level of commitment.

Mile’s strength and experience in property taxation law and strategy has made him an in-demand presenter for the ACT Property Council. This role comes naturally to Mile, who is an amazing teacher with the ability to explain complex taxation strategies in easy-to-understand English.

As a long-term successful business owner, Mile has been active in property development and ownership, with interests in professional practices and an networking, cloud and web app development business.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership development
  • Valuation maximisation
  • Restructuring, business and personal risk mitigation
  • Business entry and exit
  • Strategic Advice

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